Death, Doom and Detention

I just finished this one. Damn! I am loving this series — to the extent that I was upset at the ending.


I wasn’t upset with the way the ending was written. I wasn’t upset with the writer for writing the ending the book in this way. I was upset with Lorelei for making the decision that she made. I’m not going to state what the decision was, just say I didn’t agree.

Actually, I wanted to shake her and ask her what the hell she was thinking. And in fact, I did. However, all I did was shake my Kindle, thus making it difficult to read the next book’s teaser.

Darynda Jones, the author, lives in a house full of males, yet she manages to reach into her not-so-distant past to channel her inner female teen. All aspects of high school girls rear their ugly heads: the tormentor, the odd-man-out, the sweet-but-shy, the oblivious, the bestie, the fringe (the one you know but don’t really interact with except to pass in the hall).

Of course the biggest player in any teen’s life shows up as well: the Hormones.There are the boy/girl interactions where both sides are oblivious of the other person’s attraction, the rush of the adrenaline at the casual touch and the heady feeling of the long-awaited kiss. Thrown in on Lorelei’s side are the casual touches that set off unwanted visions of classmates’ deaths. So, yeah, not all touches are good touches.

Through her interactions with her grandparents, Lorelei acts like a teen going through “that difficult stage.” So not attractive, but thoroughly understandable if you’ve read the first book.

What? You didn’t read Death and the Girl Next Door??!! Seriously, dude, you need to go do that now! The next in the series, Death and the Girl He Loves is out October 8, 2013. Please click the link to ask the publisher for a Kindle version.

Yes, this is a YA series, but there are enough twists, turns, comedy, and meat to keep an adult reader of the paranormal genre interested.

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