American Express

Dear Dan,

You would think after almost 6 years your estate would be settled. Wrong. Wrong-o.

You got a letter today from American Express about a traditional green card and your right to dispute any errors on your credit report. Considering it was sent here to this address where you hadn’t lived for about 20 years prior to your death and that I’ve owned since 2008, I’m going to have to respond.

Frankly, they should have gotten notice through the social security number. About a month after the Social Security office gets a report of death, the credit card companies get notification. At that point they either write off the debt or they petition the estate.

They do not, however, wait 6 years and send you a letter as though you are still alive and as though the condo is still owned by you. I do not want American Express trying to come after me or putting a report on my credit rating because they can’t figure out that Cathey is not the same person as Dan.

In this day and age, I want to make sure someone didn’t steal your identity. Seriously, Dan, I want your memory to live on; not the estate issues.

I love and miss you, bro.

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