The Visitor

Amanda Stevens is one of my favorite authors. March 29, her new book in the Graveyard Queen series, The Visitor,  is due for release. Because of devastating circumstances, it has been a long time between books. So I'm re-reading the first three books in the series before the release date.   The main character, Amelia Gray, is a... Continue Reading →

Sugar Jamison

I usually avoid books that have "BBW" in the description or genre. Think plague. For some reason, I when I read the blurb for Sugar Jamison's Dangerous Curves Ahead, I did not go screaming in the opposite direction.In fact, I downloaded it to Vishous. After I slogged through the very tedious romance (yeah, not an... Continue Reading →

Poor Vishous

I used to wonder if my Kindle  -- Vishous -- got indigestion because of the junk reading I do. Like junk food, junk reading has just a bunch of sweet, salty, fluffy filler that will rot the teeth (or should that be "brain"). Also called (by me) place markers, these are the snacks poor Vishous... Continue Reading →

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