Telling the story

Recently, I've been thinking about why I blog. I don't really have a talent for writing, so why even blog? Years ago, I read Elie Wiesel's The Gates of the Forest. In it, there is a story of Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, founder of Hasidism. It's something like this: When his people were threatened with grave... Continue Reading →

The Visitor

Amanda Stevens is one of my favorite authors. March 29, her new book in the Graveyard Queen series, The Visitor,  is due for release. Because of devastating circumstances, it has been a long time between books. So I'm re-reading the first three books in the series before the release date.   The main character, Amelia Gray, is a... Continue Reading →

Make it stop!

"The sleek, coppery locks that donned her head this morning ..." Her hair put her head on this morning? Or perhaps padlocks put her head on this morning. "Good thing she didn't wear much make-up. It would slide off her face faster than a double scoop of ice cream in a five-year-old's hand." Where do I... Continue Reading →

Wrong word there, buckie.

Acclimate: verb; ac·cli·mate\ˈa-klə-ˌmāt; ə-ˈklī-mət, -ˌmāt\ Simple definition – to adjust or adapt to a new climate, place, or situation Synonyms – adapt, acclimatize, accommodate, adjust, condition, conform, doctor, edit, fashion, fit, put, shape, suit, tailor Reconcile: verb; rec·on·cile \ˈre-kən-ˌsī(-ə)l\ Simple definition – to find a way of making (two different ideas, facts, etc.) exist or... Continue Reading →

Seventh Grave and No Body

The series just gets better and better. Charley Davidson, aka Grim Reaper, is beginning to discover just what she is capable of doing.  In the final scene with Rocket Man, she's also finding out there are consequences. It's difficult to say much without spoilers. Again, I was in the position of knowing certain details about... Continue Reading →

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