Poor Vishous

I used to wonder if my Kindle  — Vishous — got indigestion because of the junk reading I do. Like junk food, junk reading has just a bunch of sweet, salty, fluffy filler that will rot the teeth (or should that be “brain”). Also called (by me) place markers, these are the snacks poor Vishous has filling his memory chip in between the more substantive meals.

I no longer have to wonder. The answer is “yes.” V was restarting at inconvenient moments or flipping to the book’s cover instead of the next page. I placed a call to the Dr. Amazon Help Desk group. They best Kindle doctors around. Ok, so they are the only Kindle doctors around but let us not get too picky on that point.

With the good doctor’s help, I found out that there was apparently a book that I loaned out about a year ago. Even though it was returned, the book somehow got stuck in the lending loop. When I tried to read that book, it was as though two people were trying to read it at the same time. The result was V’s digestive distress.

After deleting the book from my Kindle back to the Cloud and re-downloading, then updating and rebooting, Vishous is back to his happy, peppy self, ready to rock, roll and be read.

I love the Dr. Amazon Help Desk group.

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