An update

I got a call from the treasury office and they gave me good news and bad news.

First, the good news: she kept saying “checks.” That means it’s not clothes! HALLELUJAH, BABY!!!! No dealing with bodily fluids of a beloved, long-dead brother.

The bad news: After almost 11 years, Dan’s estate is still technically open! The creditors have all settled accounts and would have done so within a year of the probate, but the final paperwork was never filed.

Me, banging my head against the table.

I spoke to the executor and found out that the poor man had been given the same runaround by the lawyer that I had been given. The guy wouldn’t return phone calls or emails. Worse for Exec, he went and sat in the guy’s office and the lawyer still refused to see him. Apparently, the lawyer thought that estate law was easy and there wasn’t any real work involved, so he drew up Dan’s will for him and thought that would be the end of it. Yeah, no. We can’t go to the lawyer now because he had an aneurysm — while arguing a case! — and, if alive, is no longer practicing law.

Add to the Exec’s hell at that time, Dan’s “friends” either took things outright or said they’d buy stuff from the estate, but never wrote the check. That put Exec in a wretched position because all those “friends” were one’s he and Dan had in common. Add insult to injury here, one person even went in through the back door, down into the basement, and took things, while a memorial was being held for Dan in the front of the house. the guy couldn’t even be arsed to pay his respects to the owner of all the items he took. Nice.

It goes on and on.

Anyway, I’m loathe to involve Exec any further. He’s been through so much because the mess — starting with the messy suicide of a friend. But in order to get the unclaimed property, it has to go through the Exec since the estate is still open.

The only reason I was pursuing this in the first place is because it was a loose thread. It’s not about money, property, or whatever. I don’t like loose threads. As a knitter, spinner, and weaver, I know you can sew in, pull, cut, or sometimes burn a thread to finish it off. It might be time to just let this bad boy burn.

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