Twelve years

Dear Dan, Twelves years you've been gone. Twelves years of all that has happened in my life. Twelves years of all that should have happened in yours. Fuck. I love and miss you more than ever.  

An update

I got a call from the treasury office and they gave me good news and bad news. First, the good news: she kept saying "checks." That means it's not clothes! HALLELUJAH, BABY!!!! No dealing with bodily fluids of a beloved, long-dead brother. The bad news: After almost 11 years, Dan's estate is still technically open! The... Continue Reading →

2017 was a very bad year

Dear Dan, 2017 sucked ... and not well. Let's forget the whole politics/Republican jackasses in Congress/racism/tax cut for the wealthy/Trump vs. women, immigrants, Constitution, etc., etc., but pro-Russia/ad nauseum disaster portions of the year. Every year that passes, I feel like I lose more of you. This year I lost two major pieces of you,... Continue Reading →


Dear Dan, I'm going to do a cross-post here. I don't have the heart to do two posts. On July 25, 2007 you wrote a note at home, had a friend drive you downtown, and then jumped off a parking garage. I can't say that I understand the thought process behind that decision, but let... Continue Reading →

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