Suicide — the gift that keeps on giving

Several months ago I found there was “unclaimed property” from Dan’s estate.

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There was a bunch of paperwork involved, but I filled things out and sent it off to the State Treasurer. Sixty days later, I got a form in the mail. More paperwork was needed.

The first thing I had to have was a copy of the probated will. Easier said than done because I am not in the same state where Dan lived and died. There was information online for how to go about getting the copy, but since I had no idea how many pages it was, I was unable to send payment. It was difficult to get that piece of information. I was finally able contact the probate officer through email. She was very nice and was able to give me the information needed.

I sent off a money order and a return envelope.

They never received it. The probate officer and I emailed back and forth a couple times and I told her I’d cancel that money order and send another.

This time I sent it priority mail so I would be able to track it if there was a problem. I emailed the probate officer and let her know it was on the way. There’s a time limit on this stuff and if you blow the time, you have to start all over again.

I got copies of the probated will, the codicil, my durable POA for mom, got things notarized and finally was able to send it all off to the State Treasurer again.

In reading over the will, I found out that if the Executor was not able or was unwilling to do the job, I was the second named. Surprise! But I digress …

I went to a UPS Store. They were very nice, very helpful, but during the conversation, I said I was worried that whatever the property was, it might not be something I’d really want to deal with — like the clothes Dan was wearing when he jumped.

Up to this point, I was joking that it could be a sock left in the house. “Master gave Dobby a sock? Master gave Dobby clothes?” And I could hear Dan laugh with me over that.

The poor man behind the UPS counter told me that his dad had committed suicide and the clothes were returned to his mother.

Shit just got real.

There is a distinct possibility I will be getting clothes and the note. I texted the Executor and said, “Creepy question: did the police give you Dan’s clothes?” He told me they gave him Dan’s watch and wallet, but no clothes. I was relieved that the Executor didn’t have to deal with that. He had to deal with so many awful things; he certainly didn’t need to handle that. Of course that means, I might have to deal.

So I’ve come up with a plan — just in case. I don’t want mom to see the clothes or the note, if that’s what they send. I’ll put whatever it is in the car and park somewhere away from where mom can see. Then I’ll open the Package? Envelope?

If it is the clothes he was wearing, I can’t throw the clothes away if there is bodily fluid and tissue on them. And since we can’t burn in the Borough, I’ll have to call the local police or funeral home and ask about the approved method of disposal.

I should find out in about 30 to 60 day.

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  1. Oh Cathy. What a horrific wait this must be! Maybe it’s a 20$ savings acct! Does Aunt Scotty remember what happened? So sorry you have to deal with it this! Let me know what f there’s anything I can do. Will be praying for peace and calm.

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