Sugar Jamison

I usually avoid books that have “BBW” in the description or genre. Think plague.

For some reason, I when I read the blurb for Sugar Jamison’s Dangerous Curves Ahead, I did not go screaming in the opposite direction.In fact, I downloaded it to Vishous.

Dangerous Curves Ahead

After I slogged through the very tedious romance (yeah, not an adjective I usually use for romance) If You Only Knew, I wasn’t sure I was ready for another chick lit read for a long, looooooong while. I skimmed and skipped through the last half of the book and still ran into the same phrases again and again. The final reveal of the deep, dark secret was such a small detail next to the best friend’s secret. And frankly, even I haven’t met guys that are nearly as dim-witted about relationships and women as the two men in that book. But I digress.

It was the middle of the night and I needed something to read to help me get back to sleep. I looked through my To Be Read and saw the title, clicked on the description, and thought, “Oh hell, why not?” I found out why not.

In response to a snarky aunt of an ex, skinny, holier-than-thou, I-have-a-weight-loss-center, judgemental bitch, Ellis gave this response as to why she was buying a Black and White cookie: “Ellis shook her head sadly. ‘I ate fifteen boxes of cookies the last time I robbed a Girl Scout. And then I gained three pounds. And then I got arrested and then they forced me to do all that community service and let me tell you, my big ass does not look good in neon orange.’ ”

All Hail Sugar Jamison! I think this woman has just become a new shero of mine.

Now, my snarky, skinny, holier-than-thou, über-critical, judgemental bitch is simply one of the many voices in my head, harping at me night and day, telling me I’m not good enough because I’m plus-size. She nags at me, then my self-destruct voice says any good habits and life-style changes I attempt are going to fail. Miss Bitch starts her tirade, and Miss Self-Doubt tells me I can’t, so forget it. I then throw my hands in the air, just chucking the idea of losing weight and getting fit.

Maybe this time, Miss Mouth can use Ellis’s line? In just a few short pages, Jamison is making me finally understand that not every woman has to be a size 0 to be happy. Not every woman needs to be the perfect model. Not every man needs a sweet little lady. Some men aren’t afraid of curves and some men like sassy women. In fiction, at least.

A very good start. Let’s see if the rest of the book keeps up.

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