The pun’s the thing

I was on a wesbite that posts lyrics. I was just poking around and checking things out when I came across "White Rabbit" by Grace Slick. Everything was ok until the last couple of lines: Remember what the doorknob said ... Feed your head, feed your head Say, what? Doorknob? No, I don't think so.... Continue Reading →

Seventh Grave and No Body

The series just gets better and better. Charley Davidson, aka Grim Reaper, is beginning to discover just what she is capable of doing.  In the final scene with Rocket Man, she's also finding out there are consequences. It's difficult to say much without spoilers. Again, I was in the position of knowing certain details about... Continue Reading →

Sugar Jamison

I usually avoid books that have "BBW" in the description or genre. Think plague. For some reason, I when I read the blurb for Sugar Jamison's Dangerous Curves Ahead, I did not go screaming in the opposite direction.In fact, I downloaded it to Vishous. After I slogged through the very tedious romance (yeah, not an... Continue Reading →

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