World wide knit in public day?

I don’t get it. I’ve knit in public for years. I’m known on my bus route as “the woman who knits on the bus.” Recently another woman has started doing that too and we are “the women who knit on the bus.”

There are other women on the bus who knit but apparently they don’t KIP.

When I ride the bus I have to choose the project carefully. If it’s something very intricate that takes a lot of room (for different types of yarn or for the pattern charts) that’s not very practical. The bus is crowded, I need too much room for the chart unless the chart is small, and I get sick if I have to read much while the bus is moving.

I get sick from the bus moving anyway but that’s because of the driving and the twists and turns of the route, but that’s another issue.

Socks are a great project for bus travel. I’m working on a pair of monkey socks using Tofutsie yarn. I like the yarn but there isn’t much give. It is what it is — much like linen but softer. And you’d never know it was made from crab shells except for the lovely sheen.

The one thing about knitting on the bus is the fun watching reactions. When I started riding the bus — and therefore knitting on the bus — about 10 years ago people would wait until the seat beside me was the last empty seat and then they would sit there. They were quite uncomfortable about doing it. I guess someone wielding pointy sticks intimidated them.

As people became more comfortable with the idea they would sit and ask about my project. Then came the point when people would bring a project along just so they could get a quickie lesson! That was when I knew I crossed the line from “scary, crazy lady knitting” to just “crazy lady knitting.”

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