Frog in the pool

Dear Dan,

There was a photo in the daily newspaper this morning that made me think of you. I stepped out to get mom’s paper and there this was, looking at me. When mom saw it she showed it to me and asked if I noticed it. Then we both called your name.

CDT/Melissa Doss

These guys are installing a frog fountain in the new Park Forest pool. I want to see it once it’s working. What a hoot! If we were kids we would be bugging (ha ha — get it?? bugging) mum to take to the pool instead of the one we usually went to.

I think when we were kids this pool was a membership only pool and the only way to get membership was to live in Park Forest. Now I think it’s open to anyone.

Looking at this photo and thinking about our summers at the community pool as well as the different ones in our backyard over the years really made me smile. All because of you. This was a good day.

I love you Danny.

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