Barndom knit along/kill along — same thing

WARNING: My non-knitting followers might want to skip this unless you're interested in a seeing a grown woman throw a tantrum. If you're entertained by someone else's nuking, by all mean, enjoy! I've been knitting for many years. Many, many, many years. I teach knitting. I read patterns and charts. I have charted patterns and written patterns... Continue Reading →


Self-imposed deadlines are the bane of my existence. They are also something I can't seem to stop myself from making. Geesh! I have two friends getting married next weekend. I have a lovely dress that I still need to alter slightly. I have the shoes and everything I need -- except something to wear around... Continue Reading →

Thanks for the visit

Dear Dan, Thanks for stopping by this morning. As always, your visits are too short. The funny thing about dreams is the consistency/inconsistency factor. In the last dream like this, you moved to Japan. In this one you had moved to Italy and had to go back before someone or something caught up with you.... Continue Reading →

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