Another birthday

Dear Dan,

Happy birthday — or as we used to say to each other — Happy Happy Joy Joy!

John Kricfalusi, creator

Another birthday and you’re not here. So much is going on on the political front, you should be here to see it.

There have been many time in recent days, I think about calling you, but I don’t know the number where you are. I still have a copy of your outgoing message. Even though I very accurately remember your voice, I still play the message once in a while, just to hear you talk for a few seconds.

I still haven’t hit the anger stage. I’m guessing if I haven’t hit that in the 13 years you’ve been gone, I probably won’t hit that stage at all. Since I have no hope of meeting up with you, mom, dad, Granddad and Grandmama again, hearing you talk is in a recording as good as it’s going to get.

I know you were there to greet mom when she crossed. Are you two playing Gotcha? I hope you and dad have patched your differences. Please tell him I’m sorry I disappointed him so badly and that I love him. Please tell mummy I really do love her and I’m sorry I wasn’t the daughter she really needed. You would have been a much better caregiver.

Danno, please be at peace. You deserve peace.

I love and miss you, bro.

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