2017 was a very bad year

Dear Dan,

2017 sucked … and not well. Let’s forget the whole politics/Republican jackasses in Congress/racism/tax cut for the wealthy/Trump vs. women, immigrants, Constitution, etc., etc., but pro-Russia/ad nauseum disaster portions of the year.

Every year that passes, I feel like I lose more of you. This year I lost two major pieces of you, but in an odd way, I gained a piece, too.

First, what I lost: three of my rock gods.

You were the one that turned me on to Chris Cornell and Soundgarden. Nirvana wasn’t my thing, but Soundgarden … and then Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, and solo. I wanted to call you after I saw The Avengers. You would have loved the movie, but Live to Rise — man, Chris and Soundgarden! That song was perfect for that movie. However, you were long gone by then. You were probably hanging out in the sound booth, listening to Soundgarden record that track.

This year we lost Chris. “No one sings like you anymore” is all too true when we talk about Chris. Black Hole Sun was running through my head the entire day of the solar eclipse, so you and Chris were in the forefront of my thoughts.

Because it was suicide and you were the one to introduce me to Chris’ music, that was the hardest death of my rock gods.

Two month later, Chester Bennington was gone. A close friend of Chris, a fellow depression sufferer, and the kick-ass lead singer of Linkin Park, also took his own life.

In October, we lost Tom Petty.

I’m guessing you’re hanging out, listening to one hell of a band. I don’t know if you ever listened to Linkin Park, but I know you were a fan of Petty. I mean, seriously. Is there a music lover who wasn’t a Petty fan? Not likely.

December 31 saw a much more personal loss. Jim Langton died. I think of you auditioning for the A Capella choir at school. After the sight reading portion of the audition, Mr. Langton asked if you were nervous. You had just sung “O Scared Heart” instead of “O Sacred Heart.”

Two years later, I made it into A Capella as well and Mr. Langton mention your audition during mine.

One more piece connecting us is gone. I am so glad to see the back of this year, I can’t even!

What I gained: that’s still a little uncertain. Maybe a sock?

I got a notice that I might have unclaimed property in PA. I checked and I don’t. I looked in NY and NJ, but there’s nothing.

I checked MO. and there are two lots of unclaimed property. Of course there’s no information, but it’s often something left behind when an estate is closed, so maybe a sock. Or a flip flop. Or one of your goofy hats.

I had to do a search of probate of the will so I could send that along with a lot of other information. While I was searching, I found out that you were named as defendant in a lawsuit — three months after you DIED! Seriously, WTF?!

Looking at the legal crap a little closer, I realized it was the bank naming you as defendant because your name was still the one on the deed, but the suit was probably to get squatters out of the house. Jane and John Doe were occupying a vacant house. In an odd way, this was like a little peek into your world in Kansas Ciry.

Sometime around March or April I should find out what was left behind. I hope it’s not your driver’s license and note, wrapped in cellophane, that the police found in your pocket.

I love you and miss you, bro.


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