You sweet man! You made my day.

I love soft days when the mist lets you walk without getting too damp. Today is a cross between rainy and a soft day. Some of the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn, but the weather has been bouncing between comfortable and too damned cold. Some of the leaves aren’t bothering to turn, just turning brown and giving up. Others are remaining steadfast.

I was walking to my office after a PT appointment this morning. That simple act has been difficult some days, but especially on PT days when you really work out the painful area. Walking from the parking garage to the office. I had my coffee in one hand, a bag with lunch in the other and my purse on my shoulder.

The mist was turning into a very light rain. Classes were in session so there weren’t many people on the sidewalks. From behind me, I heard a soft, deep voice say, “Ma’am?”

I hate being ma’amed. It reminds me how old I am compared to the undergrads. It reminds me I could easily be their mom — even grandmother, if I had started very young.

So this soft voice says “ma’am?” I turn around and this young man is holding an umbrella toward me and asks if I would to have it.

My heart melted. Melted, I tell you!.

I thanked him and told him I have an umbrella in my purse. I’m just too lazy to get it out for the relatively short distance I had to travel.

Whoever this young man is, he has made my day.



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