Trials of a serial reader

I’ll admit it. I read a lot of what is often called “trash” — romance novels, paranormal romance, cozy mysteries and chick lit. You know, the basic escapism fare. My life is real enough; I don’t want to read about someone else’s drama.

For my escapism tastes, I blame Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. I also blame my paternal grandmother and my favorite bands, including but not limited to: Kings of Leon, matchbox 20, Maroon 5 … Hey, gotta blame someone, right?

I fell in love with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy at a young age; ergo I love reading romance novels. Because I must like the characters if I’m going to bother reading, I am likely to read a series if the author has written a series. I don’t heart permanent goodbyes, even if the people are fictional. If Pride and Prejudice had been a series of books, I would have read them all.

My grandmother was a bookbinder back when bookbinding was done by hand. It was one of the few professions where a woman of her social standing was allowed to work. I remember looking at the tools in amazement and fascination. When I found Kate Carlisle’s Bibliophile murder mysteries, I could imagine my grandmother’s work being loving restored by Brooklyn.

Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn have written rock-star series that have hooked me big time! I love the Lost in Oblivion series. As that series is coming to an end, the pair have written Hammered and The Boss with crossover characters. This will keep me supplied for a while, thankfully. Rock and romance, baby.

Amanda Stevens and her Graveyard Queen series: There’s a twist to the nature of ghosts with a nice creep factor, but add a graveyard restorer as the main character and I am hooked. Because seriously, how cool is that!

Bella Andre writes about the Sullivan family. A nice extended family of hot, wealthy, hardworking, totally sweet overachievers.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Dark-Hunter novels are paranormal at its best. Both have very detailed, fully fleshed-out universes and interesting characters. Alpha Males that sometimes need a woman to grab an ear and twist until they catch a clue.

But here’s the thing with a series: you have to wait for the author to write more. Sure, you can follow characters along, one book to the next, but when you finish one book, you might be waiting several months or years before the author gets another book through the publication hurdles and onto the Kindle. Annoying as it may be, authors have lives in which shit happens that can impede the artistic flow. Then it’s: oh, lookie! Readers left hanging like wet laundry on a clothesline.

While waiting for the next installment of my favorite series, I often need to find a “placeholder” to read. If it’s not a stand-alone, there’s a danger of getting sucked into following another series. The horror!

The scenario that I run into often is when several books come out several days apart. I want to savor the book I’m reading, but there’s another on its heels. I can get a wee bit overwhelmed.

Another problem: after reading a captivating book, I might not be able settle the next book if it isn’t another from a favorite series that’s waiting in the wings. I’m glad Kindle allows sampling; a sample can cleanse the reading palate.

The worst problem: The End of the Series! Kylie Scott — I’m looking at you! There I was, reading her series and … BAM … the last band member has his book and it’s done. Gutted! Don’t get me started on an author killing off a favorite character!

I’m off to read the last installment of The Boss. Well, some places it says there are five installments; other places say there are six. I guess I’ll find out when I get to the end … maybe.

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  1. I have different tastes in what I read, but I certainly recognize the pattern… The author may not have written a series, but I will still read everything the author has written if I like the author. And then there is Bernard Cromwell, who does have series, but he will also have multiple series going at the same time, and then he will also do single stories… I like them all…

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