Agency Five suit

A friend of mine found this and posted it on Facebook. Thanks Dana! Agency Five price fixing suit. I bought my first Kindle about 6 mos. before the dust-up began. It seemed like nothing more than price gouging by the publishing houses since there isn’t nearly the overhead of publishing a dead tree. A manuscript is put in electronic form as part of the printing process. It’s not like they have to put this extra step in.

To suddenly say that the book should cost a buyer $14.99 instead of $9.99 because the format is growing in popularity is simple greed. An argument could be made that since people are buying more $9.99 e-books than $14.99 hard covers, the writer loses money. That is a load of horse hockey! Before e-books, more paperbacks are sold than hard cover and at a lower prices.

I confess that if I want to read a book badly enough, I won’t boycott because of the price. I rarely bought hard covers and would wait for paperbacks. This was not only a financial consideration, but space and comfort considerations as well. Now I can buy the book on the day of release, not have to worry about where to put it when I’m done, and not have aching arms from reading a heavy hard cover.

So, thank you, DoJ, for looking into price fixing. I’m glad the three have decided to settle. I hope the other two come to their senses soon.

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