Another week, another pair

I finished a pair of socks last week and am wearing them today.

I started another pair. Will I get to wear them next week?

Since this is the first in a pair and I’m just starting the heel, it’s possible I will finish the pair this week. However, Saturday looks to be busy. There are several cemeteries to find and visit. My boss is such an enabler, by the way. He told me of several that I’ve never visited.

Plus, Vishous is insisting I spend quality time reading  reading him. ::sigh:: My Kindle is so demanding, isn’t he? With good reason. This summer is about reading fluff — murder mysteries, romance, nothing too heavy or too taxing for my brain. And I have lots of fluff to read right now. I’m in the middle of the Sullivans series so I need to read the rest. Fun but formulaic — as any good romance is, really. You do not want to read a tragic romance. I also stay away from “poignant” right now. No weepers, not sad endings.

And definitely no Agatha Christie. Nothing where I wrack my brain trying, to figure out whodunnit, only to have the author throw in a clue from the murderer’s early childhood that the reader was never told about so there is no way to actually guess the solution. I hate that more than weepy endings. In the summer, just happy ending and fluffy bits so I can kick back and relax.

There are some anthropology books of sorts — having to do with funeral customs — and a couple on the scientific findings from the tests done on the Shroud of Turin. Those will wait until cooler weather or until life stops spinning out of control. Cooler weather will undoubtedly come first.

Over the next few months, my pre-orders will start being delivered directly to Vishous. I love getting those emails when I wake up in the morning, letting me know a new book is there. All I have to do is turn V on and wait maybe 30 seconds. Viola! There’s the book! It truly is magic.

A friend of mine returns from Israel next week. We have ballgames to attend and movies to see. And Shoppies! There will be Shoppies as well. For those of you familiar with training dogs the Woodhouse way, think of her calling “walkies” and you have the right inflection.

Another friend and I sit at a coffeehouse, drink our lattes and have a nosh while knitting. I don’t get any reading done there at all. We are too busy talking.

While reading Vishous, I can knit as long as I’m not doing a complicated pattern so socks are good. I can also throw in some TV time as well. Now if I could figure out how to read or knit while weaving …

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