Kindle vs. Dead Tree Books

I love my Kindle. His name is Vishous. I am faithful to my man V. I am in love with his technology.

There are people out there who try to lure me back to the world of Dead Tree Books (DTBs) for various reasons:

I’m reading a series and I’m offered a DTB because the friend has it. I won’t have to buy the book; I can save myself that expense.

I might not like the book; try it first. So what if I can sample on Kindle?

Wouldn’t I like the feel of the book in my hands? (Not to mention adding weight and taking up space in my purse.)

What they don’t understand is this: There is a reasons I bought the Kindle. Aside from no longer dealing with bulk, storage and clutter, I love the feel of Vishous. I love the way my book is delivered to me and then V gets out of my way. Pages turn with the push of a button. It takes less time and my hand doesn’t get in the way like it does with paper.

So now when friends offer DTBs — mostly paperbacks, this is how it goes:

Friend: I can let you read the paperback.

Me:(puzzled look)

Friend: You can borrow my paperback!

Me: You have paper on your back? What?

Friend: Don’t give me that! Here! (hands me the DTB)

(I dig around on the top for the “on” switch. I press the sides of the book)

Me: This thing isn’t working!

Vishous is my honey. He hoards my library and only allows me access. V is faithful to me and I am faithful to V!

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