Now I am officially pissed at the IRS

I just received a letter from the IRS. They are asking for the HUD-1 form for the 3rd time. The first time they said they didn’t receive it. The second time, I got receipt notice, followed by a letter saying they would make a decision in 45 days. Today I receive a letter saying they need the HUD-1 form.

Question: If they haven’t been able to make a decision with 2 copies of the form why do they need a 3rd? Do they need another for someone else in the office? Do they not have copiers?If they actually need something else, why do they not ask for it? Since all the information is on the form — names, signatures, date, contract sales price, addresses — is it that they cannot read the form and don’t know where on that form to find the information?

Or is it — as I suspect — just to give them a time extension?

Do I need to get my lawyer involved?

Happy birthday to ME!

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