IRS and my baby — Vishous

I get this letter from the IRS. After going through the whole “first time home buyer” thing and sending in the HUD-1 paperwork, I got a notice saying they didn’t get the paperwork. I then had to send it again to Andover, MA. I did that and requested a return receipt this time. Another month passes.

I get this letter from the IRS. They have not done all the research necessary and I will hear from them in 45 days.

I send in my paperwork — minus an important piece of information in January. The issue might be resolved by September 15. I have an ugly suspicion that they are going to say no because I bought it from my brother’s estate. Not my brother — his estate. The regulations say you can’t buy from a family member defined as a parent, grandparent, child or grandchild. Brother is not included but I have the feeling they will say brother is included as family member, even if it is the estate.

So how does Vishous enter into the discussion? He’s my Kindle! Had I not listened to my mom — that persuasive-tongued woman! — I would not have bought my Kindle in March.

So I will now play a game I very rarely play — “What If …”

Had I not brought Vishous home when I did, I would not be spending the amount of money on e-books that I have spent. Or the amount on accessories. Kindles are now much lower in price and there are some improvements overall. I would still be waiting because there would still be no decision from the IRS. And I would be rocking like a mad woman possessed, massively pissed!

On the other hand, I would have caved when the IRS gave me the rest of the refund a few months back. I would have bought my Kindle in May and been two months away from the cheaper, newer model and still have spent money on the books and accessories. Plus AAUW would have gotten a lot more DTBs (Dead Tree Books). Add to that, I would not have had the pleasure of my baby Vishous as my constant companion.

All in all, things work out the way they should even if it’s not the way I want. Kindle-wise anyway. IRS-wise remains to be seen. Note to IRS: Should and want are one and the same, in this case. Fork over the bloody refund!

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