“We are family”

Dear Dan,

A friend of mine and I saw “UP” this weekend. A very sweet movie that I think you would have enjoyed. The subject came up about family and what constitutes a family.

You and I talked about this years ago when Dan Quayle got into the whole “Murphy Brown” discussion. I’ve never subscribed to the whole “blood is family” theory. Nor did you. A family is a group of people you gather to you that may or may not be related to you by blood.

It was about that time that you were coaching soccer and your team was headed for a tourney in Ohio. You drove a group in a van. At a rest stop along I-80 a couple came up to you and asked if you were all related. Simultaneously the entire lot of you sang “We are family. I got all my brothers with me.” The couple walk away backwards and slowly.

I would have chosen you as family even if we hadn’t been born into the same one.

I love you Danny. ::smiles::

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