I went to have my hair done the other day and my stylist saw I was knitting. He asked how long the sock project would take and then he asked if he could commission me to knit a pair of mitts.

We talked about what he would be using them for, fiber content, color and such. I sent him some links yesterday so he could take a look at some yarns.

Then the shocker: he said he would do a color and cut as payment. I guess I looked stunned and he said he would pay more if the cost was higher. I told him, no the cost certainly wasn’t higher and I was already thinking of where to find the yarn I had in mind so I could send a picture.

Turns out the yarn I thought of is discontinued but I found a good substitute. I just need him to now say yes or choose another. Then I can make the measurements and order the yarn.

When we talk again I’m going to alter payment a bit. What he’s suggesting is so way overpayment to the point of ridiculous! I can’t possibly accept.

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  1. Don’t forget to pay yourself a decent wage for your time when computing what this commission is worth in cash equivalents.

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