Hair color

Dear Dan,

I thought of you the other day when I went to get my hair done. And not just because my stylist’s name is Dan either.

Once you tagged me as the one in the family who changed hair color on a whim. It started in college when I would change my style or color when I was dissatisfied with something else in my life. Later it was just something I did when I felt like it.

Back in 2000, you let me use some of your frequent flier miles when I was going to Las Vegas for a matchbox 20 concert. You suggested mom come with me as far as Kansas City and stay with you until I flew back a couple days later. It turns out you were an mb20 fan as well. Who knew??

Anyway, you commented on my change of color when you picked us up. You drove us around KC, showing us the sights, having lunch, showing us your house, etc. That was a very nice little house and yard. The perfect size for both. You really did a wonderful job with the remodel!

It was a good thing this was pre-9/11 or I would never made the flight to Vegas. We miscalculated the time a little. You saw me off and had a nice visit with mom for a couple of days.

I only had a short layover in KC on my way back so I was just going to run and look for you for a short “hello goodbye and thank you”; then mom and I were going to grab the flight back to Baltimore where Scott would meet us to broing us home.

Apparently as you jumped from the car at curbside to run in to look for me, you asked mom “What color is her hair today?”

I laughed so hard when you told me that. I makes me smile to remember that moment.

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