Forum luncheon

Today I went to a luncheon where the speaker was Oliver “Buck” Revell. The talk was very good. The man is a former FBI agent and was talking about “global terrorism.” His responses to the questions were interesting and direct. No hedging, which I appreciated. Of course there were no specifics because a) the time was too short and b) that would be telling and that’s something thee FBI just doesn’t do.

There was a whole “Charlie Wilson’s War” edge to it. He also mentioned the book. I think I’d like to read that. I think I’ll look for that one as well as Revell’s book next time I go to the bookstore.

Of course I also want ot get another Lee Nichols book. And let’s not forget “The Eclectic Sole.” I saw a “Clean House” where Trish actually said, “How many knitting books does one person really need?” It’s a good thing I wasn’t there to bitchslap her! Silly girl! Silly question!

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