I went to the Fair this past weekend. A friend of mine won a blue ribbon for her afghan. In her words it’s a “fierce pink” that will “growl at all the other baby afghans and make them cry.” It is actually a lovely raspberry color. She did a beautiful job on it!

She also go a “best of show” ribbon for her socks. She does the best kitchner stitch I’ve ever seen. I have to get her to teach me how she does that so evenly! Very cool. I had to call to congratulate her as soon as I got home.

I have to call the woman who is getting married in September. Here’s the problem: what do you get a couple who is getting married – both for the second time; both have their own homes and have had for some times – and they will not be living together for a while. I was thinking about weaving the cloth that will wrap their hands during the ceremony but I don’t know if they will be having that kind of ceremony.

Next problem: If I do weave the cloth, which is about the size of a scarf, what to do with the project I’m warping now? Since it isn’t fully wound out I could put it aside or I could wind for the smaller loom. Of course there’s no place to put the smaller loom to work on it so the larger loom would be better … and on and on.

Yep. I really need to call her tonight.

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