Poor Scott

My poor brother. He called last night. During the conversation, I brought up about the CPU I had given him.
Me: “You know the Dell that you loaded all the HP drivers onto? And then you loaded all the AOL stuff on and it wouldn’t boot?”
Him: “Yeah.”
Me: “Well I got it to boot. I booted in safe mode. Then I deleted all HP stuff; all AOL stuff; then I did a restore as far back as it would allow.”
Him: “OK.”
Me: “Then I did a disk wipe; deleted the partition; reinstalled the partition; reinstalled XP.”
Him: “Good.”
Me: “Then I donated it to the Obama campaign.”
Him: “I see.”
Me: “In your name.”
Him: (dead silence .. and then) “You didn’t do it in MY name, did you?”
Me: “Yeah! I know you’re a huge supporter and would want … Of course I didn’t!”
Him: “Whew!”
Me: “Only because I didn’t think of it at the time.”
Scott is a “right wing hard hat in a family full of liberals.” I’m not sure McCain is conservative enough for him. Sometimes I think maybe the religious right is a little liberal for his tastes. But he’s the only brother I have anymore and I adore him.
I’m still winding out the warp. About 1/4 of the way through. I’m doing that in between ripping the songs from CDs so I can get rid of most of the collection. The external hard drive takes up much less space.

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