Confessions of an OCD knitter

Still working on the Barndom shawl. I haven’t done anything with it for four days. Aside from one minor rant over the instructions — Yo, West! “k until 2 before marker, k2” is K TO MARKER! — I’ve been knitting along, happy as an annoyed clam.

Suddenly, BAM! I have no earthly idea why, but I counted the stitches between markers. One side of the shawl is correct. One side is not. Amend that: one section is not.

Now, mind you, the pattern doesn’t give any indication of the number of stitches I should have, but simple logic and an understanding of where the pattern is headed tells me how many stitches I should have between different markers at this point.

So now I have to look at the options: A) fudge it or B) rip it back.

Would it be a minor fudge?  Yes.

Are there enough pattern repeats for the fudge without messing up what comes after? Yes.

Would it be noticeable once blocked?  No.

Would anyone, even after the closest inspection, notice there was a problem?  No.

So of course that means I really have no other option than to rip it out because I will know it’s there and it doesn’t matter that even god himself might not be able to see the issue, I will know, and it will bug hell out of me to the extent that I will never, ever use the shawl, and I couldn’t possibly even donate it because it’s got that massive mistake that gets bigger every time I look at it, I swear I’d better throw it out before it just makes. me. throw. up!

Now I have lost four days mulling this over when I knew in my heart of hearts that this would be my decision. Four days of trying to talk myself down off the ledge and knowing that was a pointless exercise. So four days (plus the time it will take to catch up to where I was) behind schedule for the deadline of finishing this shawl.

So, yeah. Excuse me while I start ripping.

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