Self-imposed deadlines are the bane of my existence. They are also something I can’t seem to stop myself from making. Geesh!

I have two friends getting married next weekend. I have a lovely dress that I still need to alter slightly. I have the shoes and everything I need — except something to wear around my bare arms. It’s an outdoor wedding and around here, the first week in October is a little iffy weather-wise.

So I decided to knit a shawl and I’m feeling the deadline looming.

Since the dress is a little retro Capture

I decided on a retro shawl. Capture2Of course, there is none of this “knit as written” when I choose a pattern. I always have to change something.

This time, several things are being changed. First, the stitch pattern is different. Second, I was going to make sleeves and turn it into a shrug. As it turns out, third, there will be no collar or sleeves. Knit 66″? Really? I’m at 56″ and will go to the end of the skein. Then I’ll block it the rest of the length. That won’t be a hard block; just a light block will do.


Later, I can add the collar and the sleeves.

The good thing about self-imposed deadlines is they’re soft and can be changed.

Not like the two hard deadlines of Halloween and a bat mitzvah. ::Cue Billy Joel:: PRESSURE!

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