The Little Prayer Shawl That Wasn’t

A dear friend of mine is moving from the area to the desert clime of Arizona. I wanted to do something with weaving for her to remember me by. I want to make it out of 20/2 mercerized cotton. Her favorite color is orange and she wears it well.

Yeah, well, try to find 20/2 mercerized cotton in orange and a complimentary color. COVID, the economy, and supply chains have not been kind to many weaving supply businesses. My usual suppliers have either gone out of business or no longer carry the finer yarn and threads. So I Googled 20/2 mercerized cotton and found Lone Star Loom Room. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the color I wanted.

I’m not in a hurry because — well … there is a postal service and rumor has it that it serves Tuscon. The shawl doesn’t have to be done immediately. She needs to find a house there and sell hers here.

I Googled the brand she carries — Venne — and the website states: From experienced professionals to inspired hobbyists, you are always at the right place at Venne-Colcoton Unikat. I’m a hobbyist. So I tried to order directly and got an email to try a place in British Columbia.

After contacting that store, I found out they don’t carry finer yarn or mercerized cotton at all.

I finally did what I should have done in the beginning: I emailed the shop in Texas and asked if they were getting more in or if they were discontinuing carrying the line. As it turns out, the shop is waiting for their shipment to clear customes. She will let me know when the items come in.

A big ol’ “Thank you and bless you” to Lone Star Loom Room.

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