Update on the breastage

An update for the ladies. It’s all about the breast.

I’m now almost two months through to the other side of this thing. I was sent to a teaching hospital about 2 hours away to see a specialist.

The first visit I was going to go by myself. It was just a consultation, after all. Friends and family all offered, but I decided I was ok on my own. Then a friend who had been to the same hospital for surgery and for a consult said she would drive. That was going to be far easier, since I had only vague memories of driving her there for her hip replacement.

I felt badly for her because she had to sit in the waiting room for a long time while I was in the exam room. The doctor was running a bit behind — no biggie — but A’ had a book that was not only a crappy book, but was a pooly written, crappy book.

photo courtesy benefits.gov

A week or so later, I went back to the hospital for a consultation with the anesthesiologists.

The following week, I had surgery. We stayed in a hotel the night before. For a Marriott hotel near a major hospital, I was not impressed. Even though the website assured us precautions were in place, no pandemic protocols were in place.

The next morning, it was a 5 minute trip to the hospital. I had to go to the Breast Care Unit for pre-op testing, including the insertion of a marker. Then, it was over to the hospital for surgery. The doctor was running very late because of complications in surgery before mine.

I was finally wheeled into the operating room. Baddah bing …. next thing I knew, I was waking up and was discharged.

I was positive I was going to sleep the whole way home. Surpise! No sleeping at all. None that night either. Nor did I sleep the following day.

That night I went to the viewing for the mother and MIL of very dear friends. It was held in the next town over — about 25 to 30 minutes away from my home . Not so coincidentally, the town that was responsible for our county remaining in the red for the spread and death rate of COVID due to the refusal to mask, social distance, or vaccinate. But I digress.

I stood and talked to the couple for a while, said my goodbyes, and headed for the door. As I turned the corner at the coat racks, my legs started to sag and I staggered a bit. Oh, joy. NOW my body decided to crash and I still had to walk to the car and drive home!

I made it safely. The pathology came back negative for malignancy. I got a minor staph infection in the wound. Let me tell you, you find out who your friends are when you have to ask someone to take a photo of the incision on your boob.

Now, 10 days shy of two months post-surgery, the incision is almost completely externally healed. The internal healing takes up to 6 months.

I can go back to my yearly exams and stay vigilant. Onward and upward.

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