Frogs at HomeGoods

Dear Dan,

HomeGoods opened here yesterday. There are frogs for every single room in the house and for the yard. I haven’t seen so many frogs in one place since I visited your home in Kansas City!

There was a plaster frog about the same size as your late, lamented King Vip. I remember when you got him. He was your second frog. I think he was supposed to be the prince who was turned into a frog, but you upgraded him to king.

Your first frog was that wooden on from the artisans’ gallery in Mill Hall. The store was next to the Millbrook Playhouse. I wonder if it’s still there. I don’t recall if you bought that frog with your own money or if it was a birthday gift, but I do remember that was the one that started all of us down that slippery slope. Every Christmas, every birthday, and some for no other reason than we thought of you, all your friends and family were on the lookout for frog collectables. I brought several back from Bermuda. I also got you the ceramic tumbling frogs. I had to set those up in order for you because you had a little trouble with the sequence.

When the movers packed you for one of your moves, they counted over 1000 frogs. Poor Harley had to gather them all when he was closing up your house after your death. I wonder how many you had at that point. I think he was afraid I was going to ask for something to remember you by when I called asking if all your stuff was still in his garage. I explained that I would come out and help with a garage sale. A frog garage sale. I wonder how that ad would have read in the paper.

I don’t need stuff, even frogs, in order to remember you.

I love you, my brother.

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