Summer reading

Trash, trashy, trash-ish. Fun, shallow romance, erotic fiction or light “book nosh” is how I classify what I’m reading. On One Condition, Someone to Love, Playing for Keeps, For Sale: Old Manor House (free ghost included), Raiders of the Lost Corset — I am totally unashamed that this is what I’ve chosen right now. A well-written paranormal, erotic romance would be my ideal. These books are all place holders. I’ve been reading some Jessica Bird (aka J.R. Ward) romance novels, too. A couple of my choice nibbles are very hot, fun Harlequin-esque; others are light “theme-based” mysteries, but all are still none-the-less fluff.

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost is out at the end of this month; the new Alex Craft by Kalayna Price comes out in July. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new Dark Hunter is due out in August as is a a murder mystery from Kate Carlisle. J.R. Ward’s new Fallen Angels installment, Rapture, is out in September and Darynda Jones’s Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet is due the end of October. Jeaniene Frost new Nocturna book is set for publication in November.

I am holding off pre-ordering 2 Darynda Jones YA books until I can pre-order for Kindle. The same with Matthew Swayne’s book America’s Haunted Universities: Ghosts that Roam Hallowed Halls.

Until those are released, romance books are my snacks. Or until something else grabs my attention — Hunger Games, Outlander, Elenore Roosevelt or Edith Wharton …  maybe Poe!

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