Habaes Corpus — or, yes! we have the body!

I used to look forward to spring. Now not so much. A killer was loose in the complex last night. A mass murderer, really. An entire family was wiped out. I had to clean up the mess.

It started about 9:00 PM. Iggy came into the courtyard with what I thought was a baby bunny. I heard the screaming and ran to the door. When I opened the door, Iggy tried to run in — with bunny in mouth. I slam the door!

Iggy ran over to the courtyard gate and I went outside. I managed to get her to drop the baby bunny. That’s when I saw the damage was too bad so I backed off and let her finish the job.

Mom looked out the window later and saw what we thought were bits of bunny in four places. Iggy sat on the bench after that, not wanting to come in.

Fast forward to about 1:30 AM. I was up, cleaning a mess Iggy made of her box, the floor, and the wall. Something she ate caused tummy trouble maybe? Go figure. I decided that it was a good time to clean up the mess in the courtyard. If I waited until morning I would be able to see the extent of the damage. Better to do it when it’s dark.

As it turned out, she killed a parental unit — what I thought was a baby — and two babies, leaving the remains in the courtyard. I scooped and bagged, then dropped them in the dumpster. As I was walking back I found another on the sidewalk in front of the neighbor’s.

My stomach was already in a delicate state by this point and I almost lost control of it altogether. The newest find wasn’t dead. It wasn’t exactly alive either. The poor little thing had been hurt, judging by the blood on the sidewalk. There was nothing I could do for it.

I know this is the circle of life; I just don’t like watching it played out in front of me, if you please. I don’t think I’ll be getting any more sleep tonight.

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