Bad Night

Dear Dan,

Two weekends ago was the suicide prevention walk. I wanted to walk this year but my knee isn’t to the point that I can walk that far yet.

It started at Lubrano Park and ended there as well. I’m not sure how far they walked, but they came around by Land & Water, then crossed University Drive over near the skating rink, finally coming back by the Jordan Center. I don’t know how far across campus they went.

I know the woman who organizes the walk. I used to work for her when I first temped on campus at Ritenour. That has to be at least 14 years ago. I don’t know the story, except she has also lost someone she loves to suicide.

Tonight has been difficult. The cat’s killing spree has me up. I cleaned up the bodies — better now than waiting until it’s light — and I can’t get back to sleep.

So of course, I’m thinking of you. When don’t I think of you?

I haven’t seen you since that last dream when you told me you were going away. I guess you really were. Well, these are my letters to you. I hope they reach you wherever you are.

I think I’ll go read my Kindle for a while. I won’t be sleeping any more tonight anyway.

I love and miss you more every day.

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