Good thing I didn’t wait

I’ve been looking back over the year, as one tends to do at the end of the year. It has been almost one year since I put in for my tax refund and 1st time home buyer’s rebate. The IRS turned me down, stating that because my last name and Dan’s are the same, I am not eligible for the credit. You cannot buy from an ancestor or descendant – specifically defined as grandparent, parent, child or grandchild.

Call me crazy, but that leaves a lot of relationships out that still allow for the same last name. Perhaps the IRS is confused by my father’s name Daniel D., Jr. and my brother’s name Daniel D., III.

I wrote that I am contesting the decision because 1) Dan was my brother and therefore not in their “grandparent, parent, child, grandchild” parameter. 2) I bought the house from the estate and neither the executor nor the estate lawyer are related to me in any way. 3) It was bought out of foreclosure through the estate and as far as I know, no one at the bank is related to me.

So now I am awaiting another decision.

If  had waited on the IRS, I would not have my Kindle yet! That would be dire! I have been enjoying my Kindle so much; I can’t even begin to imagine not having it! Knitting vies for my attention and often as not, loses.

I am two weeks out of a total knee replacement (thanks to insurance changes, I had it done of Dec. 9 instead of waiting for April). My Kindle kept me occupied during the hospital time when I was in bed but not sleeping. It was also a wonderful conversation ice breaker any time I was waiting in “public.”

I’ve been reading a lot of “trash.” Nothing too taxing on my brain while my brain is on drugs. The Kindle is the best gift I’ve ever given to myself! It would have been worth the wait, without a doubt, if I had indeed waited. I’m just so glad I didn’t.

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