For Erica

Sobbing and using a lot of language. Oh, Erica! This was so sudden and unexpected. May your memory be for a blessing. Aleha hasholom!

For my pagan sister:


Lay down your head and dreaming,
Take your rest.
Your work is done; be willing to release.
The journey’s through; the battle’s won,
And so, make way for peace.

Lay down your life like summer’s final rose, When winter’s cloak of snow hides all green.
Let go your flesh, like outgrown clothes,
Look up! The light is waiting to be seen!

Go forth upon the bright and shining way
To Summerland, look no more behind
For those you leave will join you in their day,
No love is lost beyond what life can bind.
Release what was, like leaves upon the wind.
Embrace what comes, go joyful, and transcend.

Blessed be, my friend. I miss knowing that you are in the world. May I see you in Summerland.

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