Nantucket Jacket II

A UFO done. The Nantucket Jacket is finished and (woohoo!) almost ready to wear! It’s good for the office because the “heat” isn’t.

Blowing cool air is blowing cool air no matter what the thermostat says. It’s the breeze and sitting in the draft that will get you. Whoever had the brilliant idea of making the units blow constantly and only at medium should be made to sit in front of this damned thing in the winter!

So luckily the Nantucket Sweater has a nice big shawl collar. I think I might knit this again but this time make it a bit longer and make the sleeves 3/4 instead of 1/2.

Bergschaf yarn is marvelous and never should have been discontinued. Okay, so there was the small detail of the mill or warehouse not paying taxes and forcing closure of the company because they couldn’t get their stock out. But that’s just details.

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