Mom’s remembrances

Dear Dan,

There are certain things I hear about from Mom every time your name is mentioned. Now remember, your name gets mentioned at least once every single day! So at least once every single day I hear this. And I must say, I love it!

When we were young and she would put us down for naps, she’d clean the bugs from your pockets, wash and dry your dungarees and have them ready when you’d wake up. However waking up implies going to sleep which is something that was very low on your list of priorities.

Before I was born there was one thing you would sleep through — Bishop Sheen. At the time the Bishop had a 15 minute show once a week on TV. You would go to sleep as soon as his theme song would start and wake up as soon as his ending music started. That meant mom and dad would run around the apartment doing everything they had to do before you woke up.

At the time they didn’t know you had a stomach ulcer and that’s why you were crying all the time. You were hungry.

After I was born and you had long been on solid food you still didn’t sleep. Mom said it was like you were wild. Grandmother and Granddad would come to visit. All Grandmother would do was sit on the couch and exclaim :: gasp:: “Oh dear!” ::gasp:: “Oh MY!” as you went spinning around the house like the Tasmanian Devil.

Where was Bishop Sheen when she needed him? Mom always thought about writing him to let him know about your nap time. She was sure he would get a laugh out of it.

If you think off it and if you see the good Bishop around, tell him, would you please?


Love ya, bro. I miss you.

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