Crap, crap, crap!

I totally forgot I’m supposed to make two Christmas stockings for a woman I used to work with. With the move and all I gave the stocking back that she loaned me. I did not want to lose that, I can tell you! It was one that was made for her daughter when her daughter was a young girl. I know how I would feel if the one mom sewed for me was lost!

Problem: where in the world did I put the pattern??? I saw it not long ago but did I put it with the yarn? Nooooooooo! Of course not! Worst case I call the woman and ask for a copy of the original – which I gave back with the stocking.

I think I know where it is. I look this morning in the folding file where I have a bunch of patterns I need to put in page savers. Then I have to put then in my pattern notbook. Of course because I was so sure the pattern was in there – it wasn’t.

Next stop – my file drawer. Now I’m certain that’s where I last saw the pattern. Uh huh. We’ll see tonight when I actually find the pattern. not finding it is really not an option. (It is but it isn’t.)

If I sit down and just do them I can probably have both finished next week.

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