One for the ladies

Seriously, guys might want to skip this. It's about some of the less-than-fun aspects of having breasts. This past couple of months have been a little more difficult that usual. I've been slammed at work, I'm now the only assistant for 50 people, two assistant vice presidents, and a vice president. The upside is, for... Continue Reading →

The Last

One of the hardest parts of being the last in your immediate family is not being able to reminisce with a family member about the departed. The people you love live on in the stories you tell. When you tell the stories within your family, you share your family's history. It doesn't matter if the... Continue Reading →

What time is it?

I was talking to a woman who works with military personnel. She asked if I could schedule an event from 13:00 to 16:00 for her. Then she apologized for using military time. I laughed. I learned to tell time by military time. When my first-grade class was learning to tell time, we were strictly analog.... Continue Reading →

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