The Joys of Home Ownership

For the third time in the history of this condo, there has been a water issue from the upstairs condo unit. People need to learn that plumbing issues do not heal themselves!

Last month I went to the kitchen to make coffee and feed the kitties. I saw a wet spot on the carpet and of course thought one of the kitties thought outside the box. I tried to mop it up and the spot got bigger and bigger. Not the kitties.

I called the management company and they sent Tom to check it out. He looked at a couple of the units but nothing seemed wrong in any of them. In the meantime, I saw the spot was growing exponentially. Opening a closet, I found a soaked carpet in there as well. For years the closet has been used for as an extension of kitchen storage. The appliances and dishes had to be removed and the stacked wooden shelving dismantled before the carpet could be removed. I also got busy using the Shop-Vac .

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