DNA results

Recently, I have been searching through Ancestry.com for family on both sides. Out of curiosity, I have had my DNA tested by two different companies. I figure I can look through the results to see if there’s anything I my doctor should know as well as see if I can find some family members.

There has been nothing closer than 3rd cousins found and I’m not predisposed to any major worrisome health issues. Good to know!

There are also no surprises in my lineage. Northern European with an emphasis on the British Islands, some French, German and Scandinavian. Hello, have you read the history of Ireland?

Here’s the cool thing: The stories my family has been telling over the past several generations are true! I found the Civil War soldier that is likely the one that was shot in the butt at Marye’s Heights and the one that is likely the Civil War soldier that escaped from Andersonville.

When I had my knee replaced, I woke up during surgery. Frankly, at the time and even now, I didn’t give a rat’s ass. I felt nothing. However, I heard the surgeon say something about me having “soft bones.” Because of the anesthesia, I had no filter between mouth and brain — ok, I can’t pin that all on the anesthesia — and I remember saying, “I’ll have to ask him if that’s a good or a bad thing.”

The soldier that escaped Andersonville was able to slip his manacles because that side of the family has very malleable bones. Or soft bones, if you will. It seems I’ve inherited that trait from the Chaffee genes. Again, good to know.

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  1. It’s interesting. No surprises in mine, but a friend of mine had a lot of nasty surprises in hers.. Be prepared for the possibility. Plus think through the privacy ramifications.

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