Surf’s Up!

Dear Dan,

I don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking about you and the surfboard.

We had that small blue pool in the immediate backyard. I think this was the year before we got the big pool in the yard across the creek. Mom and I were standing outside of the pool and your were splashing around in the water.

We had a couple of heavy Styrofoam surfboards. You decided to stand on one and try to surf across the pool. We were pretty young at the time. I don’t know if we knew part of the balance thing was due to the momentum of the waves.

You stood on the board and it flew to the left out from under you. You went down in a splash. Up again on the board and it flew to the right out from under you. You went down in a splash. Up again and it shot out, up into the air! This time it came down outside the pool and I had to retrieve it for you.

Mom and I were doubled over laughing. I think I may have had to cross my legs, I was laughing that hard. You were laughing right along with us. And that was the point, wasn’t it, to make us laugh? My brother the clown. I miss that.

I love and miss you, bro.

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  1. love reading your memories of Dan…think of him so often it even surprises me at times. Brian is running for office in DC and I think how much Dan would have loved to be a part of it! Have to say I have days when I want to scream at him for leaving for us far too soon!

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