Happy birthday

Dear Dan,

I wish you were here. I miss you every single day.

Please help me out today. I hate driving the Turnpike. I especially hate driving it in the rain. Add to that, it’s just over a week since A’ndrea had her accident while driving the Turnpike in the rain.

Mom is nervous and that’s making me nervous. There were problems with A’s laptop, so I wasn’t able to get it yesterday and have to wait until 8:00 to get that and leave. I’ve never driven Philly alone. But if I miss a turn, I do know how to do the “get off, turn around” thing and that never adds to my stress level. Funny, but needing to get it right the first time does. I guess that’s a little of my OCD kicking in.

Anyway, if you could just hang out with me today, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll watch my speed and you keep asshat drivers away from me, K?

Love you, bro. And I hope there’s a big party for you where you are. Happy birthday!

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