That time of year

Dear Dan,

It’s Christmastime again. Everything makes me think of you. “The Christmas Story” is on; I think of you. “Mr. Magoo’s A Christmas Carol”; I think of you. Alister Sim “A Christmas Carol”; I think of you. “Hallelujah Chorus”; I think of you. Edmond Scientific, Christmas trees, Santa on a firetruck; I think of you.

You always loved Christmas. I would get depressed and you would be bouncing off the walls with excitement. I was so nervous about the choir concerts and you just couldn’t wait. I don’t know if you ever knew you were the reason I auditioned for the A Capella choir.

One year when I was in college, I wasn’t going to have a tree. I was so depressed, you bought a tree for me and brought it over because you thought it would make me feel better. It did! I think that was the sweetest thing you ever did for me. That’s saying a lot.

So wherever you are, know that I love you, Bro.

I miss you and I remember.

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