Mann’s climategate non-coverup non-issue

There are times when I just want to reach through the computer screen and slap some sense into people. This urge is happening more and more as I log the hits our stories receive on blogs.

Mike Mann and “climategate” has been huge in the blogosphere. It started with someone hacking into the computer of a climate scientist in England and stealing emails from the IPCC. On the minor side of it, a woman I know who has studied ice comes out and vilifies Dr. Mann to me. My comeback was along the lines of “of course, we have to believe that anyone who hacks and steals won’t alter ‘evidence.’ And of course, everything you read on the Internet must be true.”

Mann was investigated by various groups and passed with flying colors. But still, deniers like VA’s AG won’t let it go. I doubt there are many people who can withstand the scrutiny that Michael Mann has withstood — especially the people who are screaming denials the loudest. Through it all, Mann has kept doing his research and letting the naysayers rant.

What has my knickers in a twist is that every time Mann comes out with new research, the screamers drag out that old dead climategate horse and flog it some more. Adding insult to injury, this little headline was written: “Mann’s new hockey stick predicts global warming, er … a Ice Age, ok …” That’s AN Ice Age, no matter how you slice it.

So to recap: get off the climategate non-coverup non-issue, get off Mann’s back (he’s right!) and learn the basics of grammar. Thanks!

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