The Welch Pool

Dear Dan,

This weekend, the Welch pool opens for the summer. They completely renovated it. I have to say, the changing rooms look very much the same as they did when we used to go there. The pool itself — you would not believe. There are so many splashy slides, fountains and toys that I was a but concerned. It didn’t look like there was any place to actually swim any more. I didn’t like the idea that Dr. Welch’s assertion that every child should learn to swim was changed to every child should learn to splashy-splashy.

Some of my best memories of the two of us involved pools: the one in our back yard; the one at the hotel in Media, PA; the one at Stern’s; and of course, the Welch pool. There were summers we spent nearly every day at that Welch pool. Most often it was you swimming with your friends and me swimming with mine, but we did all spend time on the lawn and at the concession stand.

It’s nice to know that people will still have that available. It’s not all just toddler splashy-splashy.

I love you, bro.

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