Eight weeks out

In two days, it will be eight weeks since I had knee replacement.  The first several weeks were really tough. I couldn’t do a thing for myself. Home PT was a nightmare. I was in pain, swollen and unable to move.

Now, I am able to get around the house, go to work part time and flexibility has vastly improved. I talk to people at PT who have been through the same stage I am in or are going through what I went through a couple weeks after surgery. I can see all sides of this healing process.

Several days ago, I drove for the first time post-replacement. I live in fear of hitting my knee against the steering column. However, there’s no real pain during the driving process that isn’t there at any other time. The weather is bad and will be for several days so driving is not in my immediate future.

The night the Steelers won the playoffs, I put on my favorite boots and walked around the house — one loop. I can’t yet wear them for longer than that.

At this point, nothing much has changed from before to after surgery. I’m told that’s pretty standard. I’m ready for something beyond standard.

People ask me if I would do this again. I would not.

People ask if I think it’s all worth it. I’m sure in another month or two I will feel it has all been worth it. At this point, I’m not sure that it is worth the pain, frustration and limitation of mobility.

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